Reply To: Analysis of S5E03: Audeka – Advanced Sound Design


This was the one I’ve been waiting for after messaging them about their Twitch streams. Super useful content, and while I won’t get the same results with Ableton, it’s incredibly inspiring!

I actually was not familiar with their work until checking the video and then listening to stuff. As for not getting the same results, I think that’s actually a good thing in that you get exposed to an idea or a process, try to develop your own take on it, and sometimes you get good results or even different ideas to build off of.

Thanks as always Harry!

And also sunken forest for the FM8 tips..

Can anybody suggest or recommend to the group any good VST granulising tools similar to the one demo’d here in FL? Alchemy is one, but any others people have had experience with?

Sure thing, I’ve found doing these to be fun in some roundabout way.

Here’s a list of granular resynthesis stuff people can try out:

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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