Hi David, thanks for your questions. Here were go:

1. All your vocals sound so good in your tracks, do you write your tracks first then get a vocalist in the studio? What is your usual process?

For me it’s important that vocal tracks happen organically. If I’m in the studio at the same time as the vocalist, I’ll turn up with a sketch and do arrangement there and then, based on the vocals etc. If I’m not in the studio at the same time. I’ll write a sketch, send to a vocalist. They’ll then send a sketch for the vocals back which I’ll play around with them until I get a draft arrangement and we go back and forth till everyone is happy. One thing that I think is important with vocals is to the them room. If you have too much going on in a track musically, it can become messy quickly.

2. Your drums always sound amazing!! Can you give us any tips on drums, do you use loops or do you make your own?
Thanks. I mean I have my techniques. I wish I could tell you a surefire way, but a lot of it’s down to experience and preference. I like going for a balance between them sounding clean and modern, while having a little groove, a little imperfections, keeping that organic feel. I will layer up breaks with individual hits. But a lot of it comes down to quality sounds, correct pitch, making things work together properly, and again preference.

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