Hi Harry, thanks for the questions!

1. How would you describe your music & production process to your favorite non-dnb producer?

“Fast soul music” would be a term I might use to someone that’s unaware of Drum & Bass. I probably wouldn’t try explaining my production process to my favourite non-dnb producer. I’d be to embarrassed.

2. You demonstrated your sketch process in your first Sample Genie video. Could you please explain your current work cycle? At what point do you listen to your sketches and pick one to work on more, do mixdowns, etc.?

Okay. So with these sketches. I’ll spend about an hour on making them. Put them to the side. And after say a month or two I’ll revisit the folder of sketches. Long enough to have forgotten them really. The idea is to be able to listen to them completely detached and objectively. So say I have 10 sketches, I might pick around 3 I really like and those are the ones I’ll invest my time in, it just gives me a better ‘hit rate’, or at the very least makes me more confident about what I’m writing. Then it’s about building on them. expanding the ideas, adding sounds, making an arrangement, finding a vocalist etc. It really depends on how much you got done in your first hour. How easily it all goes etc. I always mix a little along the way, but obviously at the end is when I really try to nail things. Hope that helps?

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