Couldn’t get back to this earlier. But here we go.

Thanks for your questions Mircea.

1. What practical advises would you give to yourself, if you were to go back in time with your current experience.

I think I covered the most important bit in the tutorial. Try and keep your writing environment pressure free and don’t waste time on ideas that don’t flow naturally. Another piece of advise is to try not to please anyone else when writing music. The closer you stay to your heart the greater the chance of succes.

2. How would one achieve a certain identity sound, a sound that is the producer’s signature tone? I know it’s a whole that works together towards a common goal, but I assume there’s more to it, from drums to percussion, to the bass, reverb, et cetera. The devil is in the details. I know it’s a lot to ask, but maybe there’s a simple answer that you can see to this question.

The answer to the previous question is also the answer to this one in a sense. If you stick close to your heart, it’s really truly your music. Another thing, which is less romantic is, that over time, you will build a library of preferred sounds and drums. Try to really listen to yourself when you are looking for sounds / drums, not just think about, oh what did producer X do on that tune I like. And they also contribute to your own sound. A lot of this is really about perseverance, gaining experience and building a repertoire.

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