Hey Laserrain, thanks for your interest….

1. What’s something technical you’ve since discovered through trial and error and experimentation that you wish you knew when starting out?

When I started out I literally knew nothing. But I think that how to EQ things properly is probably one of the most important things that I’ve progressed on from the time of my first release up until now. Giving each element of your track it’s own space in the frequency spectrum – and achieve that by cutting other sounds, rather than boosting the sound you’re trying to give room.

2. Most significant thing(s) to have changed in your approach to production since your first release?

Other than going to this sketch thing I mention in the tutorial, probably the way carefully organise my projects. I think that a clearly mapped out project, both visually in in terms of how it’s chained (busses), gives you power to see and change things quickly. For me it’s really important that when I start arranging things go swiftly. So that’s why I try and stay organised in the initial phase, so when it’s time to map out the track, mix it and I will be able to react on thoughts quickly.

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