Thanks for the thoughtful answers Teije!

So say I have 10 sketches, I might pick around 3 I really like and those are the ones I’ll invest my time in, it just gives me a better ‘hit rate’, or at the very least makes me more confident about what I’m writing. Then it’s about building on them. expanding the ideas, adding sounds, making an arrangement, finding a vocalist etc. It really depends on how much you got done in your first hour. How easily it all goes etc. I always mix a little along the way, but obviously at the end is when I really try to nail things. Hope that helps?

Yes, quite a bit. One thing I was curious about was the overall cycle, say over a few months, but I think I understand when thinking about the summer, where I assume you mainly did sketches in between travel for festivals & tours. Now you’re back home for a bit, so you’re revisiting sketches & focusing on the gems.

Also, I was on holiday when you played DC this most recent tour, otherwise I would have come out to catch your set & say hello. Caught you here the first time you played, a couple years ago.

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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