Hey Aaron, Thanks for your question…

Hello Teije, big up for the tutorial and samples. Your drums always sound wicked, I was just wondering how you go about making them and giving them your own sound through processing, layering etc.?

I guess I kind of covered this above somewhere. I layer breaks, which I’ll edit individually through re-arrangement, pitching, decay adjustment, eqing and so on. I layer those with individual hits for kicks, snares and percussion. I don’t do any spectacular processing. I do check hits in a spectrum analyzer sometimes, especially with snares, because I like using rims and claps layered together, and they tend to be too top focussed and lacking of weight, so it’s good to check if it’s hitting enough in the right spots. I have also been using a Subpac the last 18 months and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever gotten. It really helps me with production overal, but for drums and especially kicks, it’s really nice (and fun). But more so it’s just building up a sound catalogue, having an ear for what you want to hear really. If you really like a snare, try and see what it is you like about it, and try and find some more.

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