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how do you use delays and reverb to create space in your mix (and how do you automate it) ?
Hm I wouldn’t say I use those to create space in a mix. I would use them to keep sounds in a spacious mix interesting. You can really make sounds come to life with some reverb or delay. But it can also make a mix very muddy if you use it on too much stuff. But if you have a few sounds and use it on just a few spots you can really go OTT with it and make things jump out. Automation I don’t use much unless the track arrangement calls for it. In certain sections you might have less sounds fighting for the same frequencies so you might hear certain sounds more clearly, then you can adjust for instance.

Also, do you use reverb/delay on individual tracks, or do you have dedicaded “sends” channels ?

I tend to use them on individual tracks only myself. Just because – as I mentioned before- if you use it too much it can muddy a mix, so I will only select a few sounds in any given track

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