Thanks for your questions Stefan,

if you’ve written you piano part, have your drums and you bass sitting perfect to it, like you did in the tutorial, what other elements would you put in a track so that it sounds more like a full liquidtrack? I mean in e.g neurofunk you have this different distorted bassline shots that make you track and in psytrance it would those synth, where the pitchenvelope and the filter go in different directions, but how would you describe the “background” sounds of a liquid dnb tune?

Well that really depends on you. I would think about some additional musical elements. Strings, pads, little rhodes, and of course vocals. You can also had synths, it really depends on you, where you want to go with it. In certain tracks I will use piano AND distorted bassline shots… or synths to kind of get a hybrid sound going on. I tend to use pads as a bed, because if done right they can be non intrusive to the overal hook, which means it does make a tune sound fuller, without making it hectic.

How do you make those liquid dnb rimshots?
Well you can either record some, or you can use a rimshot from a sample pack, or lift it from a break / sample it yourself. I like layering rimshots up with a clap so you get the best of both worlds.


Right guys, it’s been emotional. I realise that I might not have answered all your questions as well as you might have hoped, but I gave it a shot. As I said in one of the answers: I wish I could give you some more in depth technical wisdom, but I’m really not the most technical producer out there. In some ways that’s always prevented me from doing sample packs and tutorials. But later I realized that there are probably lots of people like me, where that isn’t their strength, and I kind of thought it might be nice if I did get out there, because I can show people that it is possible to have some level of succes with your music even if you are lacking in that department.


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