Reply To: Logic Pro X 10.2 update today [26-AUG]


See if there is a wired connection you can get on, maybe at the library, or whichever major you’re in, ask the main office? Or run the update over night.

I played around with Alchemy a fair bit this weekend, and I really like it. I think it’s going to offer a lot of new sound design options. Big things for me:

– The fact you can load EXS24 patches in it. You do this the same way you import audio.
– The AHDSR envelope, especially if you use Alchemy instead of EXS24 for drums.
– Snapshots, having a patch and up to 8 different variations of it immediately accessible.
– The Morph function in the Advanced section.
– The effects built in. If you’ve ever used CamelPhat, you’ll recognize the four distortions, and the filters are the same as well.

I had toyed around with getting Alchemy a couple years ago, but never picked it up. Now that it’s built into Logic is really nice, especially considering Logic is cheaper than what Alchemy used to sell for.

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