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,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement Genies!

Any suggestions on what could be added? I’m starting to go ‘blind’ to the tune TBH.

Yeah I added the Pulse reference after my original post and switched out the files :-). It’s a synth preset (DC Breaks’ Halo), that has been OTTd, Trashed, excited and filtered to thin and flatten it out.

I’ll deffo drop this at house parties, etc… but unsure I can I ever do anything further with it as, as originally stated, it started out with me trying to recreate a ‘The Sauce’ tune (particularly the break and intro) – there is just way too much similarity. However, it was lots of fun to make (and I learnt a lot in the process) – i just wish I could make those DLR basses oozing minimal funk… *sigh*

Many thanks,


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