,The ClampsThe Clamps

I felt in love with ‘Neurofunk’ near 2004/2005. I already digged Drum and Bass in general, but Neurofunk/Techstep was my thing. I loved that dystopian journey with emotive tensions blended fierce energy and strong sound design. And still nowadays.
I have my all time favourites or classic in my heart, but that brand new scene coming each 10 years is what it keeps me in love with this music.
I’m very hyped to hear what a new producer could write and the journey he could bring me.
The whole scene evolved a lot, sound design is very different from back in the days but I’m loving it. It’s an old style who stay alive staying fresh and young. Like an old person keeping his youth.

In term of sound, I think all the Music will be a kind of blend, which will allow to have interesting new story telling.

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