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I used to make different kind of music, which allowed me to learn from my mistakes. After few years into 4×4 Techno and Hard stuff, I dove into Breakbeat and specially into Nuskool Break, which was very close to Drum and Bass in terms of energy, musicality, production. I enjoyed this era and I learned a lot in term of production. And it was during this period I started to do DNB.
I needed to relearn lot of things,like how to EQ drum with bass, compression, sonic perception etc, as BPM is faster. It was a time, even if some production ‘rules’ was already there, that allowed to go further trying/discovering new things. For example, sidechain was not super common at this time, and not easy as now to do with daw (and impossible with hardware if you didn’t have the good stuff).
But I never felt good enough. The only things who can confirm you’re in a good way is to finish your songs, make it listen to people, DJs, other producers and label owners and waiting their feedbacks.
Nowadays is quite easier for me as I created my kind of ‘brand music’, I know what I want to do, what the mistakes I must not do etc… But still I’m always in doubt and playing my music in front of people, checking their reaction is the last feedback that counts.
Sometime you spend months to work on piece of music with a big story telling etc etc, but at the end most of listeners create their own with the directions you put in your music.

The best way to learn is to finish your tracks. Analyse it, checking the ‘mistakes’ and learn about it doing a new track etc etc. It’s a never stop feeling which it’s very motivating.

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