,The ClampsThe Clamps

Best way to do that is spending time to analyse your reference tracks, by ears and with spectrum analyser.

I love Ableton native Spectrum.
For my Kick most of the time the peak of low is close to -12db on Spectrum and for Sub/Bass is between -2/-6.
For Snare, depends if it’s strong ones or more clappy, but the bottom of the snare is between -12 and -24.
For Hi-hats is more near -36.

Considering I’m checking on the spectrum analyser at the end of my chain master after the last limiter. (And track is loud as it’s supposed to be as a mastered track).

For example sometimes you can go louder for the kick if you want something more boomy, but stay focus on the balance with all others sounds.

Important thing is the balance and your ears at the end will decide how you want to sound.

A good way to learn for that is to do some reverse engineering with reference tracks and see how they’re balanced in the mix in term of volume and frequency.

Hope it could help.

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