,The ClampsThe Clamps

I’m a huge fan of saturation and distorted sounds. Probably from my years listening Metal and Hardcore. I love when the sound is grinding.
And doing Hardcore Techno push me to go to the extreme distortion research.

So I put a lot of small noise or distortion on each sounds.
A good tip for example is to use it with send track.
Like doing a good Reese Bass with his own character, with enough harmonic distortion then send everything in a send track with some others distortion settings and blend it as your taste.
On the send track you can add EQ too to control the harmonic distortion you want, add some reverb too or extra chorus. It will add that kind of warm. And you can do that for for every sounds, drums, synths. Sometime I sending few of them in the same send track and it glues everything together.
But at the end it’s a question of taste. Some prefer very digital distortion, some more organics or analogic. I love both 🙂

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