,The ClampsThe Clamps

Since I started to make music, I always saw the music in term of physical thing, like matter that is created in front of me with all its volume. A bit like synesthesia but with forms, shapes and placement in space.
So when I’m listening music I see forms moving in the space. It’s like feeling the widening and tone of each sound like a pysical substance.
For example Camo & Krooked music give me a very nice visualisation in space.
Then I started to understand why I visualize sounds like this, why one is on the top, why the other is more under etc etc… and then I found my workflow with this, using widening effects, pitch shifting, asymetrical distortion etc etc…
I’m not always satisfied with what i achieve in my music, but for some of my tracks I’m really happy on how the sounds are shaped in space.

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