A few questions I did have was noticing some very similar feels to yours & Deerhills tracks. Having not known you both & a third make up Third Colony. I was humbled with tweet response explaining. I had some Opsen in my favs and not even realizing all the connected dots made me appreciate all of y’all’s work even more than before.

Q: How about did you (all three) end up with similar interconnected projects? Deerhill is in Canada no?

Q: Is there any secret weapon in the hardware realm that is used during or after production (if any) tapes/analog compressor/etc.?

Q: Lastly how do you help avoid ear fatigue & loss of focus on laying down the finer brush strokes & seeing a tune through all the way through?

I’m sure I’ve tons more questions but will save for later.

Cheers! 🤟🏻

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