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About Third Colony, we first been 3 in it, Deerhill, Nickbee, and me. But Nick left after the first release because he didn’t have enought time to work on it. So it’s only deerhill and Me since years now.
And with Yan (Deerhill), we found a workflow for working together, sending stems and stuff. As Third Colony is a place for freedom in our music, we give ourselves as much freedom as possible when we’re working. We just talk a lot about the conception before making music and at the end everything come easily.

No secret weapon you can’t easily emulate with vst.
For example, during the process of the “Remind So I Can Sleep” album, I used a lot the Roland Juno 106 hardware, because I love his sound. But now for example I only use the TAL-U-No-LX which emulate Juno 60. And it works so well.
And as a big fan of BOC, I try to emulate that kind of constantly moving noise in our music, using distortion/saturation/tape/reverb/echo/shifting/chorus etc etc. Trying to destroy the sound into something more organic.

About ear fatigue, I’m quite ok as I don’t work at big level on monitoring, and I use open back studio headphones which make me allow to work long time without fatigue. And I guess switching to all the project I’m working on is like a reset for ears and allow me to have a semblance of new ears each time (even if now I miss some frequencies, because the age, the years of making music and touring)

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