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Ive always found that if you keep things as simple as possible you`ll come out with the best outcome as it starts complicating a track to a listener… well even i find myself getting stressed at the sound when going too far.

With Mid & Side EQ… I use it mainly for high passing the side to around 250Htz or to wherever the Clutch Point (Bite Point) sits in the mix… ducking the upper or Lower Mids is cool as you said Noisia does, i find it great on Snare parts or even automating it on FX or Pads as it keeps it interesting without even trying really.

One thing i found good was to group Percussion and Rides/Crashes into Groups and Compress them together (Obviously Compress on there own tracks too)… it Gels them together alot more nicely and sometimes can remove the spacky tones in them too…

Phase Revers too….
Now this is very good for parts that are making other parts spike on an Analyser.. Phase Reverse the Part and hey presto… it has its own space in the Mix without haveing the Notch or completely Mangle up the Part… Great on Parts higher up the Frequency Ladder.

Feel like im rambling on now but these are just things i find have worked for me 🙂

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