Reply To: An introduction to who i am (must read)

,dave [rom]

I’ve been studying and practicing producing dnb for over a decade now, and i get where you’re coming from about looking for a mentor/apprenticeship. Let me attempt to save you years of time and frustration and tell you that most likely ain’t gonna happen. Trust me, it’s hard enough even if you have friends who are pro-level producers. The good news is that you’re in the right place! A Sample Genie subscription will give you access to far more knowledge and resources than someone “taking you under their wing” will ever give you, for real. And having only one person teaching you kinda puts you into a limited box of skill set. Even if you’re learning good techniques, you’re still only going to learn how to do things the way that person does them, which could be a major damper on finding your own sound.

btw you’re links are busted 😉

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