Reply To: Spend more?

,Danny Madds

Mate, literally everything you could ever need is provided in those 11yrs of vids in your video stream (make sure you click on video ‘stream’from memory it’s the same vids that are in video ‘vault’ but just the way the website is set up you have to pay in vault, same content tho if you have full membership).

Go back to the first ever one, spend time watching them, all of them, even ones that start out as ‘nah not interested in this’ or ones that are in a different DAW. in every single video there will be something of use, a workflow, a technique, a new or creative way of doing something, it’s an absolute goldmine even just for inspiration. I recently rejoined just so I could watch them again, and the creative ideas and my output have massively increased, reminded me of shit I’d forgotten about, sparked an idea, massive value for the subscription fee, big up sample genie every time!

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