Hello people, I am studying mixing and mastering and I see that the great mixing gurus use a pre-master channel called “MIXBUS”. The thing is that I think this is not usually used in electronic music, I would like to know why? And if it is really used, what does it usually focus on?

It’s probably a hangover of using hardware mixing desks which means the gain level can be easilly controlled going into the final master channel. A convenient way to either bring the whole signal up or trimming it down so it’s hitting the final master bus processing tools at a good Golidilocks level.
Of course these days gain plugins and input gains on the tools themselves do away with the need for that.

Another common reason is that a pre-master bus means the whole signal can be sent to send fx and parallel channels, or that all channels + send / aux channels can be summed here before going off to the master.

With D&B and electronic music so many parts are processed earlier in the chain, and also resampled, that having a mix bus set up in this way is not really required. Defintely try it out though and see what chains you can create!

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