Loved both of the video sessions you have done so far. Lots of knowledge dropped and i got a lot out of your videos 🙂 I was wondering how do you know when a track is done? I feel like I exhaust myself with the mix down portion and honestly end up not liking the track in the end. I’m curious to know how much time you spend on this part of the production and also how many tracks do you create before you’re like “yea this is the one” and send it to a label? I myself, am constantly writing and have a lot of tracks completed (At least taken as far as I can take them) but sending them to a label is a little intimidating to me. I feel like with certain labels you only get one shot for them to listen to it and after that (if they toss it aside) wont listen to to another submission (I could be totally wrong). What’s your approach when trying to get a track released and your experience working with labels?

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