Reply To: Analysis of S5E06: Joe Ford – Mixdown Workshop


I took a look at the Pro L manual, and it gave this bit of info, bold emphasis mine:

Attack and Release
Apart from the fast ‘transient’ stage, the limiter has a slower ‘release’ envelope stage that responds to the average dynamics of the incoming audio. The Attack and Release knobs control how quickly and heavily the release stage sets in. Shorter attack times will allow the release stage to set in sooner; longer release times will cause it to have more effect.

In general, short attack times and long release times are safer and cleaner, but they can also cause pumping and reduce clarity. On the other hand, long attack times and short release times can increase apparent loudness and presence, but at the expense of possible distortion.

Hopefully that helps?

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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