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Nice work Mark 🙂 The idea and the main of the tune is down now, has a vibe!

It feels like the beats are what really need focusing on now to bring this tune up a level. Perhaps a little grid / robot and need some human-ing..
If you just solo the beats is it a beat you could dance to? That’s often a good test (but definitely not always a good test!).
You have the backbone of a fat groove down, with that sick offbeat worm hit in there, but it feels like the beats need more crafting, maybe more layers, fatter snare, more kick texture, more groove in the perc. Then glued together with some clipping and bus processing.
The best advice at this stage would be work and work on the drums (save versions!!) until they are grooving and sounding really fat. Then when you have that aspect totally nailed, come back and look at the rest.
But remember: this genre is Drum & Bass. Those two aspects are all you need; but have to be impressive on their own.
Hope this helps!

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