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Hi all 👋

Resubbed for the month to check this out, and been experimenting a bit the past few days. I’m sure I’ll have questions as I experiment more, but a couple things I ran in to already and wanted to point out, in case anyone else runs in to something that stops them. I’m not a programmer, so I’m coming in this very inexperienced, but determined to get it to work.

In general, for the Install Dependencies on the sheets, where you get a Restart Session prompt, yes you’ll have to hit Restart Session, but I found I need to wait a few seconds after that prompt before clicking on it, so it does what is supposed to do. At first I was hitting it pretty soon after it popped up, and it would fail. Found that if I just took a breath, waited a few seconds, it did what it was supposed to do. Also there is a Restart Session button in the code, I usually hit that too.

For step 6, the Finetune Dance Diffusion sheet, there is a point in the Train section where you have to manually input some of the paths in the code. I was running in to an issue where it would not get it to run, even after manually entering paths. Then I started trying things, and one thing is there is a line that says:

$save_wandb_str \

Take that out, then run the code again and you’ll be fine, from what I’ve seen.

I ended up buying 100 compute units for the training process, and with those it was about every 45 minutes that a new checkpoint (ckpt) was generated. Also, before the chunking process, I would build up a folder on my computer, and then run all the samples through Adobe Auditions batch process to get them to 44.1k 16-bit, in case there were any sounds that were outside of those rates, i.e. lots of 24-bit, the occasional 48k.

And thanks to James Submotive for going through all this, found it very interesting.

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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