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Easy lads,

First time posting! Hope everyone is good

I am proper stuck on this…. On the training part. I have followed everything Submotive said to do yet I am still getting an error that reads –

–name “dd-SG-Machine” \
–training-dir “$TRAININ/content/drive/MyDrive/TRAIN/SGchunkedAIBasses” \
–sample-size $65536 \
–accum-batches $4 \
–sample-rate $44100 \
–batch-size $2 \
–demo-every $250 \
–checkpoint-every $500 \
–num-workers 2 \
–num-gpus 1 \
$random_crop_str \
–save-path “/content/drive/MyDrive/TRAIN/SG-Sample-Machine”

usage: [-h] [–config-file CONFIG_FILE] [–wandb-config WANDB_CONFIG]
[–name NAME] [–training-dir TRAINING_DIR] [–batch-size BATCH_SIZE]
[–num-gpus NUM_GPUS] [–num-nodes NUM_NODES] [–num-workers NUM_WORKERS]
[–sample-size SAMPLE_SIZE] [–demo-every DEMO_EVERY]
[–demo-steps DEMO_STEPS] [–num-demos NUM_DEMOS] [–ema-decay EMA_DECAY]
[–seed SEED] [–accum-batches ACCUM_BATCHES] [–sample-rate SAMPLE_RATE]
[–checkpoint-every CHECKPOINT_EVERY] [–latent-dim LATENT_DIM]
[–cache-training-data [CACHE_TRAINING_DATA]] [–random-crop [RANDOM_CROP]]
[–ckpt-path CKPT_PATH] [–save-path SAVE_PATH]
[–start-method START_METHOD] [–save-wandb SAVE_WANDB] error: argument –accum-batches: expected one argument

So the issue is accum-batches – I have tried to change that value both lower (2) and higher (6) but still the same problem

Anyone else having this issue or know a fix?

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