Reply To: What's In Your Rig?


It could be reasonable performance, but my gut says it could get better. It’s hard to say without actually looking at a project.

Like do those 15 audio channels include tracked or looped audio? If it’s just a loop being played in an audio track it should have a pretty minimal hit, but if it’s, say, a full 5-minute take of drums or bass or whatever, it might start to challenge that 16gb of RAM. If you’re on this site I suspect it’s looped…

You didn’t mention what audio interface (soundcard) you are using…? I suspect that has a big part in it.

That’s a decent proc, you shouldn’t have much issue with that.

What format are your drives? HDD or SSD? That will have an impact.

These are Studio One based, but still relevant to any Windows machine

_-| get to work |-_

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