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Not a tutorial, but the most recent Back To Back podcast (, the guests are The Glitch Mob, and they mention several artists that you could check out. A lot of U.S. people revolve around The Lowend Theory party, so practically anyone from Team Supreme (Mr. Carmack, who Ivy Lab name check a lot, Tsuruda), EPROM (who works with Alix Perez as SHADES)

Here’s some videos I found. Have not checked them myself yet, but went with artist names I knew:

UA Artist Tips & Tricks – The Glitch Mob
* this one might be real good for a fundamental glitch beat

How I Play: EPROM Interview + Live Setup Walkthrough

Ivy Lab – DJsounds Show 2016
* interview at the beginning of the video

Rhythm Roulette: Mr. Carmack | Mass Appeal
* not exactly a tutorial, but maybe some workflow ideas

Kehlani x Mr Carmack – #songsfromscratch
* not really a tutorial, but might give some inspiration & ideas

Kenny Segal: Afternoon Hangs
* one of the Team Supreme guys, kind of a peak of his approach

Team Supreme: Strength in Numbers
* more of a short doc

Myself, I like some of the half-time stuff, and have started doing the Team Supreme cyphers as an exercise of sorts. You basically get a spec/writing prompt, a set BPM for that session, a due date (usually 3~7 days), a theme and/or some samples, which you usually have to use at least 2 or 3 of in your beat, and the beat has to be 1 minute +/- 15 seconds. Haven’t made it on to any mixes, but it’s definitely a fun challenge to get it done.

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