Reply To: Lamp Sessions (Monthly Challenge #001) – submissions due June 20 at 11:59PM UTC

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Great feedback guys, I appreciate it a lot 🙂 I reckon getting feedback here is actually more important than winning this competition.

As far as my opinion goes I would vote for Adam. Reason for that is the clean and strong mixdown and all the elements in his song are just correct (both technical and musical wise). I definately have a thing or two to learn from you. Great job!

But I will give short feedback for everyone since I found something that I liked in everyone’s track.

JUAN – You seem like an experimental type of person and your track definitely was unique. My opinion is that you have quite a lot of space to fill there (be that a bass, synth or some stabs).

Adam – Well, I already explained above what I like about your track. Keep up the good work!

R4NSOM – I think your track has a lot potential but it’s the snare that I’m really not keen of (it’s really dominant for this track). I like this dark liquid kind of vibe you have but if you would change the snare to something softer (something like rimshot for example) then I think it would fit the vibe much more (Tho, that’s just my opinion).

Balron – Oh boy, what an intense drop. Mixdown wise could use some work (especially the top end could use some cutting) and in the intro I feel like you could add some more elements that would fill the space and would create more atmosphere there. I don’t know why but your track reminded me one memory from Let it Roll festival where I stumbled on to one artist who had similar style as you and I remember how people were just raving hard on the dancefloor (sadly I can’t remember the name of that artist but hey maybe it was actually you 😀 )

Shrike – Award for the longest track here definitely for you. Production wise I reckon the kick is a bit too weak in your track and would need more presence (be that a higher layer kick on top of that for example) to stand out more. I love the synth sound (or not sure if it’s synth) in the first drop you have going on in the background (mind telling which sample is that because I would sure love to play with that) but the bass could use more top end (use like a saturator for the top end for example). Interesting change you have happening starting from 2:12 I like it. Although I kind of felt like listening to 3 different tracks and that was a bit confusing in my opinion.

So thanks to everyone. I enjoyed listening to all the tracks 🙂

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