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Hi Jesse, first of all I’m loving the overall sounds and atmosphere. Some atmos sound a bit distorted though, for example the one on 34 seconds. If you hear that on a PA it could really hurt peoples ears. There are 2 things to do about that:
1. Try to find why it’s distorted and fix that.
2. Send it to a little smooth and slightly wet reverb. This could work if there is no other option.

Further I’m missing an overall structure in your track. Too many edits may cause that it sounds a bit messy and than I can’t hear a proper flow in the track. For me that’s really important: a structure.

Also the buildup with the kicks before the drops sound louder than the track drop itself. It should be vice versa!

My overall comment is: Try to make a 64bar loop without edits and check if you can listen to that for 5 minutes. If you are happy; try to spread it and build around it. That’s the basis of how I do all my stuff. The edits will come later and they will be way more structured. I hope this helps! 🙂 <4

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