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No problem Harry!

Well, what really helped me, I guess, is when I start a project I setup around 10 busses.

Minor Distortion 1
Medium Distortion 2
SUPER HEAVY Distortion 3
Minor Reverb
Minor Reverb 2
Long Reverb
+ Several Sidechains (but most of the time i do that later).

So when I have a midbass I can run it through 3 different distortions to check which sounds the best, and it’s really easy and fast. Next to that you can send the distortion to 1 of the minor reverbs.

For atmos you can send it first through a delay and send the delay through the long reverb. I also love to automate the dry and wetness of the reverbs.

About Knock Knock:

Overall it’s not bad! The first things that come in my mind are:

1. I think the instrumental stabs (with delay) aren’t in key?
2. The closed hats sound a bit static. Are they all the same? I would use different ones and maybe make some variation by slight layering or pitching. The open hat / crashes sound nice though!
3. Make some variation with the mid/reesy bass. Try some EQ automation for example.
4. The kicks and the snares could also get some attention to make it more punchy, especially the snare which sound a bit muddy.

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