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Well, what really helped me, I guess, is when I start a project I setup around 10 busses.

Thanks for the insight, appreciate it. Last year I started organizing my busses in a similar manner (kick/snare/perc busses going to a drum bus, sub/mid/high bass busses going to a bass bus), although your set-up has given me several other ideas to try out.

One follow-up question, just for clarification. Your sidechain busses, those are the triggers? The way I have my set-up, I have a kick triggered sidechain, a snare triggered sidechain, and then a third that is the kick & snare both triggering it. Does that sound similar?

And thank you for the feedback, I built that track up after watching your video. From messing around, I think what you covered works for some drum sounds (one-hits, drum ROMpler hits), but did not work with sampled drums that might have other artifacts layered in. Going to be something I mess around with more.

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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