Reply To: No more Track walkthroughs


Hi all,

Interesting to hear your views, however we hear so many conflicting desires from people… the last poll we did, or conversation started on this topic, the general feel was track walk through tutorials were of the most help, over specific techniques – it’s very hard to please everyone with every video – this much we have learnt.

There are two things worth mentioning too, which is firstly since the release of Iceworm, Evan’s methods will not have changed much, it’s not an exponential advance with each release, although some may wish that is was. How he approaches sound will not have changed much since then, if at all.

Secondly, we do a variety of tutorials, many of which are focused specific ones like the Disprove Drum video you mention. But as a lot of people request walk-through videos, we make sure we include them. So unfortunately we can’t agree to a request of ‘no more track walk throughs’

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