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      ,MEDI ONE

      Please no more Track walkthroughs and more of the creative tutorials maybe its just me but it seems that its always an old tune and they forget what they did here and this plugin doesnt work etc etc thoughts please

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      ,Mind Zero

      Agree in the part that it would be better if it was a new tune walkthrough, as the producer will remember better what he did and we could see new techniques/plugins people are using at the moment

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      ,MEDI ONE

      I would like to see more stuff like the disprove drum overcompression or Foreign Concept mentor session or maybe start with a blank daw and start from there

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      Producer fiddling and missing plugins and old tunes aside, I personally don’t mind a track walkthrough every now and again.

      I find them very interesting.

      But yeah, a sketchy lesson is a sketchy lesson. I see your point.

      _-| get to work |-_

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      And agree that Disprove’s drum lesson was an instant classic. I think I’ve watched it a dozen times. And gonna watch it again.

      _-| get to work |-_

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hi all,

      Interesting to hear your views, however we hear so many conflicting desires from people… the last poll we did, or conversation started on this topic, the general feel was track walk through tutorials were of the most help, over specific techniques – it’s very hard to please everyone with every video – this much we have learnt.

      There are two things worth mentioning too, which is firstly since the release of Iceworm, Evan’s methods will not have changed much, it’s not an exponential advance with each release, although some may wish that is was. How he approaches sound will not have changed much since then, if at all.

      Secondly, we do a variety of tutorials, many of which are focused specific ones like the Disprove Drum video you mention. But as a lot of people request walk-through videos, we make sure we include them. So unfortunately we can’t agree to a request of ‘no more track walk throughs’

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      ,MEDI ONE

      Please dont get me wrong this was not aimed at Evan or any one else’s tutorial it was a generalization of walk throughs i have watched on the net and here and they all seem to encounter the same thing old daw or missing plugins or i cant really remember what i did here so i will just smudge over it and hope you dont notice.
      I do understand that things get updated etc but its a tutorial plan better or do a diffrent type of tutorial where you have all of your tools on hand and you know what you have done or are going to do i suppose i just find the other tuts way more useful than a track walk through its just my personal opinion and not a dig i love what you do at SG keep up the good work and big THANKS

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      I personally prefer track walkthroughs.

      A mix of videos that cover techniques and walkthroughs over the season is the best and that’s exactly what Sample Genie currently deliver. The best video (IMO) on Sample Genie atm is Silent Witness’ Being Human walkthrough, if you haven’t seen it, go and buy it!

      Direct technique videos are great but I find that the track walkthroughs help me put what I learn in those technique videos into context when I actually sit down to write a tune.

      I can watch videos all day on how to make sick bass sounds and make a whole folder full of new sounds. But, if I don’t know how I’m going to arrange and implement those sounds I’ve made into the tunes I’m writing then they aren’t really going to be of any use to me. Arrangement is just as, if not more important than sound design IMO.

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        Agree on the arrangement part. I would like to watch every possible video that shows a lot about the arrangement, but the walkthroughs I have seen so far usually weren’t that useful (doesn’t include the Silent Witness one and it’s not about SG specifically).

        Most often it’s just “yeah I/we did drums here and hmm it seems like we used eq on it.. then there’s a bass from Serum which is a great synth for basses … and yea, there’s a lead. Very basic. Simple stuff. Thanks for watching”.
        It’s somewhat interesting, but in the end, it’s just “here’s this, there’s that”.

        I would love to see more of “we felt these bars need some groove, so we have thought about chopping this sound and move them in the empty spaces because it connects well with X. We like to do this because having fat bass drum doesn’t work well with Y because of Z.” etc.

        I simply want to see/hear the WHY. Not just WHAT.

        But anyway, I understand it’s impossible to please everyone 🙂

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hi All,

      Just as a follow up here with some of our perspective on things..

      We do stand by the real use in seeing finished tracks broken down (however the artist sees fit) as often the explaining in simple terms helps the viewer to understand that often making a ‘Big tune’ is within the reach of any producer – often nothing extraordinary is going on.

      For some stats: Since the beginning Sample Genie has released 72 videos in total on the full membership program, of which 10 have been track break downs.
      That would be around just 14% of videos.

      The tracks we have managed to obtain breakdowns of are as follows:

      State of Mind – Arrangements
      Inside Info – Meant 2 be remix
      Mikal – Immaterial
      Cern – Conway
      Silent Witness – Being Human
      Disprove – FRQNCS
      Halogenix – Blej
      Inside Info – Gambino Remix
      Lenzman – Tender Love
      Hybris – Iceworm

      We feel that all of these have been really interesting, and a useful compliment to the other technique specific lessons. And we have had extremely positive feedback on tutorials of: Blej, FRQNCS, Being Human, State Of Mind, Meant 2 be Remix – and being honest, feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to have released exposes of these massive tracks, having grown up in an era when nothing of the sort was available!

      Also as you progress through your production careers, you will find the states of epiphany occur less and less – this can be viewed in two ways:

      – Sad that not every time you get a lesson from someone it changes your whole view on production;
      – Excited that this is key sign you have come on a long way!

      However as a more developed producer when moments of enlightenment do reveal themselves to you, those golden moments are made all the more valuable..

      One final thing – which perhaps unfairly – got regurgitated a couple of times here, was: ‘plugins not working’ ….. correct this if it’s wrong – but in the latest Hybris video: every plugin works? And there are no issues with a part not playing? It’s indubitable that this issue will occur sometimes; but any producer who writes a lot of music will probably know these things are par for the course, however we always choose tunes for analysis that have minimal problems in them.

      So many thanks for your input, but it was right to drop some views and opinions back in return as to why we will continue to do more track walk-through’s in future months.

      All the best,

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      It is a track breakdown, but it feels like a sound design tutorial that is just covering more elements, which is still interesting and not a bad thing at all. But what would have been even more interesting imo is an “arrangement” perspective on the entire track. How did he put the pieces together, how did he structure the different sections, why did he choose the sounds he did if that makes sense ?

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        ,GENIE HQ

        Sure, things like arrangement in terms of switching sounds in and out and explaining how they are keeping things interesting is definitely something we can encourage more of from the artists.
        Unless it’s from a purely technical perspective, the ‘Why’ certain sounds were chosen can be often hard to articulate.. Many times things are chosen simply because they are an attractive sound, and that is as far as an artistic mind can explain… some skills they have will definitely come under the ‘cannot be taught’ category..
        Anyway, all noted, thanks 🙂

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