Reply To: Lamp Sessions (Monthly Challenge #002) – submissions due July 23 at 11:59PM UTC


What do you consider as a mono-synth? Any synth with the “mono” switch on?

Interesting point since most modern synths do have monophonic modes. I was thinking simple synths that only operate in monophonic mode. Something you would have limited options with, but could record & resample, and then build complex sounds from if you wanted something that sounded like it came from a polyphonic synth. I think a lot of the polyphonic synths that have a mono switch, they still allow multiple voices though? I could be wrong, but thinking in terms of Serum, where you could have it in mono mode, but then an OSC has up to 16 voices.

Examples would be an SH-101, TB-303, Logic’s ES M, Audio Damage’s Basic, U-He’s Repro-1 (but not the Repro-5, that has 8-voice polyphony).

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