Reply To: FRE4KNC Q&A


Hey Gravox,

Nice and dark ey? Here’s what came up to me:

The reese is nice, but could use some extra work to make it sound a little less “cheap”. Just try to add little bit of extra distortion. Did you ever try Izotope Trash 2?

I’m also missing a sub. Maybe it’s there, but I can’t hear / feel it. Make them the same tones as the reese and it’s getting way more a banger already.

I was expecting that the reese would go away at 2:35. If you have the sub there, just add some mids on that sub and you have an ace transition there.

I’d also do some variation with the reeses, some stuttering, some eq envelopes for example. Than it will be a bit more varied and more special.

Further I think the breakdown should come in a bit more subtle. Just add a longer reverb on the last part of the reese, or add some delay at the last part. Just some simple tricks to glue these parts together.

The snare could use some extra work as well. It needs a bit more attack, now it’s not really in the face, but a bit wet.

That’s about it, good luck with this 🙂

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