Reply To: Lamp Sessions (Monthly Challenge #007 & Member Sample Pack) – December 2018


Oh this is so great to see this turnout, espcially in a month that can be quite busy for folks. Pouring out my 40 for m y homies that missed out this time, but I know you lot will be back soon.

And big big ups to Harry, who has done a phenomenal job keeping all of these challenges on the rails…it doesn’t just happen, folks…Harry puts in WORK. Thank you for that.

My thoughts on entries:

Freeman – Really nice vibe, well mixed, everything coming through as it likely should. It’s fun & informative to hear how others used my sounds! I’m sure you all feel that way at least a bit. There isn’t really much to critique here. Sub bass is strong, creativity is in full flow…this is very nice.

Fake aka 6F7A – Dirty dirty grimey half funk. This is well-executed in every way. Very strong. Always love hearing your new tings.

Martialystikz – nice low key groove, elements are working well together; I’d say some bits could be made a bit stronger, like the weird wobbly lead that comes in 16 after the drop…that’s a very subjective thing, it could just maybe do with a little more shine & presence

Sinchrone – Nice tune, solid concept, good execution. I think it needs a last 3-5% of *something* in the mix (je ne sais quoi…?) to help glue things together just a little bit. What I mean is that I’m wishing the low sub would creep into a glue a bit better with the low & mid, and I think you could possibly achieve this with a bit more (gentle) compression and eq on the master. Something that seals it all up just a bit more tightly. Well done.

Struktcha – I like this one. I agree that it is too busy, esp at/after the 1st drop, and I don’t think it’s so much that there is too much going on, per se, but that the elements feel disparate…I feel like it’s one tune mixing into another around the drop, but what it’s dropping into is pretty great. It might just be that one last drum loop that you lay in before the drop, I dunno. For me, arguably, I think that this mix is sonically the most appealing of all the entries (Freeman’s is also up there). You go wide and tight, sub is big, drums are big but contained. I listened to some of your other stuff on Soundcloud (give me a follow, wouldja?) and there is some pro stuff on there. Keep it up! I would strongly consider going in and culling out whatever it is that we are all kind of commenting on, the busy-ness, and then I think you’ll have a proper strong tune here. Nicely done!

I’m gonna go with the crowd on this one and tick the box for: FREEMAN, but I think this has been the hardest one to vote for yet, everyone that entered has some strong game.


_-| get to work |-_

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