Reply To: Lamp Sessions (Monthly Challenge #007 & Member Sample Pack) – December 2018


OK, so firstly happy new year to one and all! Hopefully you have all had a fun and refreshing few weeks.
With all the progress that’s been noticed here on the forum over the last 12 months it’s looking highly likely 2019 is going to be a very promising year for you guys 😀

This month’s contest was ridiculously strong, definitely the best yet. Mixdowns are noticeably massive on all the submissions, really pro sounding stuff guys, which is a considerable achievement.

We haven’t done this yet, and maybe won’t again, but because it’s been literally impossible for us to pick a winner (we all have different fav’s!) we are going to award 1st place to everybody involved this month – so you all get a free month’s membership. Please drop us a line over email and we can sort this out for you. This isn’t a cop out, we genuinely think you all deserve recognition for what you handed in.

Now, moving on.. as you may know, the next two months will not feature any challenges as such as we’d like you all to focus on demos for the big send out that will be happening in March.
Now’s the time to get together your best 1/2/3 demo’s for our folder which we’ll be sending out to many of the top labels on your behalf. Given the progress that’s been made we expect this submission window to be pretty exciting. So now’s the time to get working!

Your best chance of catching peoples attention will be if you have strong musical ideas. Clearly your mixes are very good now and you have the technical understanding, but it’s the SOUND, GROOVE, VIBE that’s going to catch ears. Really push yourselves to write original music, or perhaps an update / twist on an existing style – but our best advice is DO NOT try to faithfully re-create a Break, Mefjus, Noisia, Signal (etc) tune – do your own thing. If it’s sounding too familiar, think again, this is best advice for getting a demo picked up by labels who spend hours and hours listening to what’s out there, it must jump off the page and call for several listens.

Thanks again for taking part, it’s great to see some new names coming forth from the shadows to submit, it takes some guts to do that, even on the anonymous domain, so well done!

Have a great month in your labs, we are really excited to hear what’s handed in in 8 weeks time!


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