Reply To: Lamp Sessions (Monthly Challenge #007 & Member Sample Pack) – December 2018


Much later than I was expecting to post, had issues with my audio interface, luckily have it sorted now.

Great to see Genie HQ setting up positive vibes for 2019.

Glad you guys enjoyed my submission, I enjoyed everyone’s as well. Like Balron said diverse group of tunes, all with their own merit.

Here’s my feedback sans vote

Second Encounter – I like the composition, I think if you cleaned up the mix a bit more (to me it sounds a bit closed at the moment) and got the impact of the drop just right, it would help the tune roll more. Overall though the structure is solid, and the elements flow together.

Skrutcha – Very nice bass arrangement, reminds me of older Drum and Bass in a good way. I like how the bass develops, mixdown sounds good to me. Really solid tune, good rhythm/groove got my head nodding. Maybe incorporate some melodic element?

Martialystikz – Dig it, I fancy the underwater sounding bass-ish lead, the only thing that I would suggest is more automation to make the repetition more interesting. More motion in that sound would be very interesting. Strong idea. I like the drum groove.

Sinchrone – I really like the groove on this one, the vocal “hey” sound and fx really keep this one moving, I think the intro could use a tad more energy, more percussion perhaps? I like the break, maybe come up with B drop. Arrangement is good though. Maybe turn the hats down a tad, I like the outro filtered drums into that sound effect. Good stuff!

Fake – Great as usual man, nice elements and flow. Very meticulous and I like the bass rhythm switch ups. Mixdown sounds good to me. Keep up the good work!

Shrike – This one grew on me, I like the mixdown. I’m with Harry on that “Uhhhh” it’s a great switch up, I like this tune a lot, the drum fills/bass fills are sick. The atmosphere in the breakdown is cool. Would like to hear it if you develop the tune more, wish it was longer, it rolls.

Good stuff guys, looking forward to the new year. Hope the turnout for these sessions continues to grow this year.

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