Reply To: NYMFO Q&A Session


Hi Bardo / NYMFO,

Thanks for doing this month’s video, it definitely got some ideas stirring for me. Normally I do a write up of the tutorial videos, but since this month’s approach was different I was going to skip that and just post some thoughts & questions I had. Since you’re doing a Q&A, here’s a few:

1. In the Part 2 video, I was wondering if this was a common way you approach creating basslines.

2. In the Part 3 video you started an arrangement. I was wondering what kind of details you would typically add? Do you have a few standard arrangements you tend to use, and how would you describe them?

3. More of a general question, but what was your experience learning to produce? What were some of the “ah hah!” moments? And what do you currently find most exciting about your production and creativity?

And I’m going to send a couple songs your way in the next few weeks.

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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