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Morning Harry,

See some answers below 🙂

1. In the Part 2 video, I was wondering if this was a common way you approach creating basslines.

It’s a bit 50/50 for me. When I like a good bass sample, I really enjoy playing around with it. But it needs to sound different and more personal at the end. In my tutorial I did a good job with that (I think :)), but sometimes I fail as well. If it’s not working, I usually play around with Serum for example to create Basslines.

2. In the Part 3 video you started an arrangement. I was wondering what kind of details you would typically add? Do you have a few standard arrangements you tend to use, and how would you describe them?

I think every producer has a few ‘signature’ tricks they do in their tracks when it comes to arrangement. I especially like to play with the ‘less is more’ idea. Taking away sounds and bring them back 32 bars later for example. Then it feels like a lot is happening in the track, but you basically u don’t do that much. And I do a lot of automation on most of the parts in the track. Then it really feels like a journey when you listen to the track.

3. More of a general question, but what was your experience learning to produce? What were some of the “ah hah!” moments? And what do you currently find most exciting about your production and creativity?

When I started there weren’t websites like Sample Genie or online tutorials. So at that time it was really important for me to sit in the studio with other people and look over their shoulder. When I just started Icicle and Proxima gave me a lot of ‘ah hah’ moments.
The most exciting for me at the moment is to think outside the box and try to be a diverse producer. A lot of people know and like me ‘rollers’, but recently I also released music on Barong Family for example. This is a super commercial label runned by Yellow Claw. I am sure a few fans don’t like the music I put out on the label. But for me it was a new challenge to do. And even the music is a bit more ‘commercial’ I think you still can hear Nymfo and the realness in those tracks. Off course I can do the same kind of rollers for the next 10 years, but something like that Barong EP was a huge eye opener for me.

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