BRISTOL DUB | D&B Sample Pack


An authentic Dub experience, recorded and produced at modern D&B tempo.

A distinct and inspiring sample library, written by Dubkasm, with accompanying bass content from Arkaik, Nymfo & Phaction.


We Follow on from the first release under our new range of CROSS POLLINATE packs. The ethos of this new series is to pull inspiring external musical influences into the genre of D&B…

For our second release, we have the mighty Bristol dub outfit DUBKASM heading up a very special sample pack. We teamed up with them to create a library of samples that have all the authentic, characterful quality of Dub music, but recorded and produced at Drum & Bass tempo. Also included in this pack is a custom folder of bass made specifically for this project by Arkaik, Nymfo & Phaction – all highly regarded artists, and it’s fair to say they totally nailed the brief!

The pack contains over 140 samples, which, due to the 172-174bpm recording tempo & musical keys, is custom designed for D&B producers.


  • 20 Dub Keyboard Chops & Riffs
  • 30 Heavy Bass Samples [including 15 from Arkaik, Nymfo & Phaction]
  • 16 Dub Saxophone Sample Stems
  • 7 Layered Atmospheric ‘Sound Beds’ 
  • 44 Percussion hits & loops
  • 10 Authentic Dub Drum Fills 
  • 15 FX & ‘Dubkasm EchoScapes’

DUBKASM have a such a wonderful natural grasp of Dub music – both it’s nature and feeling – which is partly why they were the perfect people to team up with for this project. They have an astonishing (and very unique) collection of vintage gear in their studio, it was amazing to have it used for for the creation of this pack. The result is a truly authentic dub experience: in some cases, sounds are taken on an electrical journey through decades old equipment, before being touched up and mixed using modern production tools. The idea with this pack is that you can take a genuine slice of Dub sound – a sample drenched in vintage  flavours – and use it to either add an identity to a work in progress tune, or even start from scratch a build a brand new track around it.

To get a feel for their studio, and mindset, you can check out this video of Ben Glass, the main engineer of the duo, talking passionately and with great inform about their collection of Echo units and what they all do differently.