Reply To: Lamp Sessions (Monthly Challenge #014) – October 2019


Pure Drama on the intro, very nice work there

drop is solid, perhaps some more intricacy in the drums might liven the tune up
a bit too ‘grid drums’ as Chris Blu mar ten would call them

Great tune though!

Loud drum mixing, nice and clear snare is awesome perhaps too loud?
Track is good, but doesn’t stand out as it is yet.

The details guy. Nice stuff, great balance in the mix, drums and very nice.
The odd musical note choices give this an edge which works
Nice bass harmonics mixing. The lead synth perhaps sounds a little too ‘stock’ ?


Nice tension on the build, techy sounding tune. Nice use of enveloping on the bass and automating that.

The house vote goes to Berko this month!
Drop up an email to [email protected]

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