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wicked, missed the last couple so I’m onboard this one. Any notable stories to share from previous times?

Well hard to get a full picture as we don’t know for sure exactly what’s been played out, but the demo’s go out to a wide range of top shelf artists and lots of them downloaded the demos. But we have had news and feedback on several of the tunes.

We do know previous tracks have been played by Kasra and the artist was put directly in touch with Kasra on Kasra’s request…
Quite a lot have been now played on Noisia radio too the guys have been really good with support.
We’ve had music signed in the past to an underground called Automate DnB. Monty also sent in a very early demo into one of our submissions, unclear what happened to that tune but shortly after that he blew up which is a great sign.
Ewol also sent in some music early in his career, a tune called ‘Amnesia’ which again Kasra was liking… He’s since gone on to become a well known name.

We’ve also gone on to work with Fake as a result of the demo submissions and the monthly contests, and he was the last GenieDubs EP release with us – which got two track supported by Noisia for their show.

So plenty of activity!

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