Nice moody vibes man! I think these are pretty sick, one thing I’d say about the first one, is watch the reverb on the kick, there’s really no reason to do that. On the second one, I love me a good stick/rimshot snare, and this one sounds nice, but try to control the peakiness of it. When that is played loud, it might get a bit unpleasant. I really like the flow of these beats, and I like the bass work. Something to consider is to pepper it with more sfx to make it so the tune is not just a bass with cutoff movement and some drums. And as far as the bass goes, in the future try to consider ways to make the bass talk without just modulating that cutoff. It’s tried and true, and sounds good here, but it’s been done. I really like the sound that comes in toward the end, the alien breathing type thing, I think that could be more in your face and play more of a role. Good stuff!

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