Wow, dark! This is great lo-fi sounding stuff. What I’d say for the first one, is be careful of hurting people’s ears with these rogue, harsh frequencies. It can be dark and lo-fi and evil as hell, but at the end of the day you want it to be a pleasant listening experience. Use limiters and saturation to keep things tamed without losing those vibes. If it hurts your ears, try to notch it a bit with an eq. If that ruins the vibe of the sound, try other stuff. Look ahead on a limiter can do wonders for taming this sort of stuff.

With the second on, no ear damage here, so that’s great. Again, great, brooding vibes. I like the reecey bass, but what I’d say is that it’s a bit muddy and all over the place as far as volume in the sub. Work some multiband compression on the low end to keep that more consistent with all the modulation affecting more of the mid and hi frequencies.

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