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,Sunken Forest

Thanks a lot!

So the bassline for the first part was actually made from a recording of wind through the gum trees. I put it in a sampler (I use Ableton but you could do the same in another sample) and set a really small loop size so it was pretty much a single cycle. I had to ramp the level quite a bit to get the volume out of it though. The single cycle thing eorks with any audio too. After I made that one I needed more control over the tuning so for the last bassline I used a recording of some logs falling in a fire and put the sample in Serum. Found a cycle that resembled a sine wave but with harmonics and you’re good to go!

The dragging riser/whoosh type sound I think I made from a recording of some leaves being shaken on a branch. I’m not in front of the project right now but if I was to hazard a guess I played with the warp modes, put in a overdrive on just the high frequencies and adjusted the fade in. I can go into more detail over the next few days when I do my blog posts about them so I’ll include that in there 🙂

I used a Rode NT1 and a Tascam DR-40. Awesome little recorder for the price and you can plug two external mics into it.


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