Tracks made from field recordings

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      ,Sunken Forest

      Hey everyone! First post so forgive me for my forum etiquette.

      I just wanted to share a clip of a project I’ve been working on recently. Not using the monthly sample packs, or strictly dnb but I wouldn’t mind a second opinion on it.

      Basically the clips for these tracks are made entirely from processed field recordings. There’s four in total, one for each element, and each one contains only recordings that relate to that element.

      So dirt, leaves and branches for earth, water bottles, streams and rain for water. Wind, vocals and blowing into a bottle for air, fire crackle, controlled fires and burning objects for fire.

      Anyway, have a listen. Any feedback is welcome. It was a pretty rewarding experience trying to coax percussion and melody out of the recordings. No drums or synthesized material was used.

      Much love.

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      ,Ruben D


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        ,Sunken Forest

        Thanks for listening 🙂

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      Sounds really tight ! And the mix sounds clear and controlled. I’m afraid I don’t have much criticising to do.

      I do have a few questions however: how did you make those basslines for the first and last tunes ? What device did you use to record your sounds ? I’m looking for a good field recorder myself. It seems TASCAM makes some fairly good ones.

      And lastly, what is the white noise sound that can be heard around 2:27 ? sounds like a rain stick or some sand falling down.

      Thanks in advance for your answers 🙂


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        ,Sunken Forest

        Thanks a lot!

        So the bassline for the first part was actually made from a recording of wind through the gum trees. I put it in a sampler (I use Ableton but you could do the same in another sample) and set a really small loop size so it was pretty much a single cycle. I had to ramp the level quite a bit to get the volume out of it though. The single cycle thing eorks with any audio too. After I made that one I needed more control over the tuning so for the last bassline I used a recording of some logs falling in a fire and put the sample in Serum. Found a cycle that resembled a sine wave but with harmonics and you’re good to go!

        The dragging riser/whoosh type sound I think I made from a recording of some leaves being shaken on a branch. I’m not in front of the project right now but if I was to hazard a guess I played with the warp modes, put in a overdrive on just the high frequencies and adjusted the fade in. I can go into more detail over the next few days when I do my blog posts about them so I’ll include that in there 🙂

        I used a Rode NT1 and a Tascam DR-40. Awesome little recorder for the price and you can plug two external mics into it.


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        Thanks for the detailed answers. It’s incredible how you can make something out of unusual sound sources, I guess it has to do with the fact that “real life” sounds have a lot more texture and complex harmonics that are fun to manipulate.

        Keep us in the loop for those blog posts !


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      ,Sunken Forest

      So I did a series of videos as an overview od the projects.

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        ,GENIE HQ

        this is cool! great work! Do you have a HD version? we can share this with the gang 😀

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        ,Sunken Forest

        Thanks a lot! Yeah the copies I uploaded were pretty low quality as I was pushed for time. I have the screencasts saved though so I can update them this week 🙂

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