Reply To: Jade and Mindscape tutorial and question about plug-ins


also the track referencing thing was gold, got me thinking how could do that in logic and kind of figured a way not quite as good as theirs but still it works.

This whole track referencing thing though. I have been obsessed with it for a long time now. what usually do is just sit there analyzing tracks taking notes of rms, frequency curves and stereo width when bored. then when im working on tracks i try get similar results in these meters.

Then when I get a decent sketch going i will load a pro track that is a similar style to do comparisons and it is always a frustrating moment to say the least, my track never stands up. Then i start trying to alter all these sounds i have processed to hit harder or differently to match the pro track more.

Anyway would yous recommend actually having the pro track in from the get go. building your kick to hit similar and your snares working your way through the beat then so on until you have the sketch there that should be less of a let down hopefully and then getting more creative after that. like referencing every step of the way instead of ten steps in and being disappointed.

Big ups hopefully they might be able to chime in fingers crossed.

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